The Musical Advent Calendar – Edition 2023

The Musical Advent Calendar gifts you time and music: In 24 musical surprises I invite you to join me on our journey through centuries and continents, to immerse yourself into different worlds, to learn about composers and their time and to enjoy the music.

The calendar

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First Set

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Today's surprise...
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Second Set

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Your Very Special Advent Calendar

Whilst our excitement and joy for Christmas heightens, each day awaits you with its own surprise as a door of the digital Advent calendar opens.

In 24 short videos I will take you on a journey through the world of piano music, presenting carefully selected pieces of music and introducing them with a few words. You will get to meet six female and eighteen male composers, who – following the spirit of the Advent calendar – will remain secret for now and whose identity we will uncover together over the course of December. You will for sure recognize some famous composers, but also discover some hidden gems who come from all around the world. Thus, you will enjoy highlights of 295 years of music history.


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24 Days

Each day a new window is opened and a fresh piano piece is brought to life by Hanna Bachmann.

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24 Composers

You will get to meet 6 female and 18 male composers, who – following the spirit of the Advent calendar – will remain secret for now.

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24 Video Performances

Hanna Bachmann introduces and interprets the music for you and your gifted ones from her living room and thus renews the tradition of house music in a virtual way.


Enjoying music from living room to living room

Please choose the subscription you would like to purchase and provide us with the names e-mail addresses of you and the recipient(s) of the calendar. You can both book the calendar for yourself or gift it to your loved ones. 

After the successful payment via the website, you will receive the confirmation via e-mail and your login data. Then we are ready to begin: 

Starting from December 1st the advent calendar viewers will find a daily e-mail in their inbox with the link leading to the updated digital calendar. Thus, you will be able to open the new window of the Advent calendar within one mouse clicks. 

All videos will stay online, so you will have the opportunity to enjoy the video of the specific day, as well as the previous ones wherever, whenever and as often as you wish!

Brighten up your December days before Christmas with musical highlights!


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The Story

The Musical Advent Calendar was born in November 2020 facing another Corona lockdown when I felt the urgent wish to still share music with people. Within days I purchased a camera and microphones and the recording adventure was ready to start. As the feedback was very positive, two more editions followed and I am very delighted to reach a growing international audience, as the Advent Calendar has become one of my dearest projects. Thus, I am very happy to welcome you to the fourth edition of the Musical Advent Calendar this year!