Topranking talent at the piano (Concert Review by Fritz Jurmann, ‚Vorarlberger Nachrichten’, 10.11.2018)

Hanna Bachmann convinced with the Sinfonietta Vorarlberg.

As soloist Hanna Bachmann places the piano concerto in A major into the centre of an acclaimed musical highlight.

Lustenau The Sinfonietta Vorarlberg consisting of selected members of the SOV has dinstinguished itself in the musical landscape of Vorarlberg over the past few years. After frequent performances of sacred concerts with Markus Landerer and Benjamin Lack the ensemble achieved great success in their first self-initiated concert in the crowded Reichshofsaal during the community’s concert series. Responsible for this were both the exceptional Hungarian conductor Ribor Bényi and the young pianist Hanna Bachmann from Röthis who is already performing internationally.

Since its foundation in 1989 the Sinfonietta Vorarlberg has been managed by double bass-player and SOV-member Bernd Konzett who especially chooses known musicians from the vast SOV pool with a careful hand and unites them to this special ensemble. He manages with only 18 strings and a handful of wind players for this particular concert. Despite the much too dry acoustics the musicians achieve a beautifully rounded orchestral sound of astonishing volume and chamber musical transparency because of their special musical qualities. This also happens thanks to the conductor Tibor Bényi (54) who has been a friend of Konzett’s since his student days in Salzburg and who has established himself as a much sought after artist not only as a cellist but also as a painter and photographer.

In Haydn’s symphony „La Passione“ and Schubert’s favourable fifth symphony which build this concert’s frame Tibor Bényi proves to be a souverane director of music, one of the old school, firm, with respect for his musicians and of unfailing taste, without any experiments but with clear ideas.

Brilliant technique

Mozart’s frequently performed piano concerto in A major KV 488 benefits from this very high level of music that the only 25-year-old pianist Hanna Bachmann is able to place in the centre of this musical performance.

The musician who completed both her Bachelor’s degree (in 2015) and her Master’s degree at the Mozarteum in Salzburg with distinction has meanwhile extended the radius of her concert activities from many European countries to New York. After her debut CD last year her second one will be launched in January. Mozart’s piano concerto between its difficult easiness and its grave contours is one of her favourites as one could hear on this evening and is also very dear to her heart. Sparkling with brilliant technique and a controlled touch she creates the scales, while listening to the orchestra in a musical dialogue and makes the intimate Adagio the spiritual centre without indulging it. The conductor Maestro Bényi takes a near-to fatherly role accompanying her through this concert’s perniciousness, and providing her with security during this challenging task. The members of the orchestra support her as well with their diligence and lay a foundation for a finely spun body of sound. Bachmann shows her gratitude for the applause with a cheerful Rondo by Mozart. JU