CD Recommendation by Fritz Jurmann

‘Vorarlberger Nachrichten’, January 18th 2017

It is admirable how the 23-year-old pianist Hanna Bachmann from Röthis propels her artistic development forward with such remarkable determination. This includes her debut CD, recorded at the new ‛Arlberg 1800’ hall in St. Christoph and released as part of the „Rising Stars“ series with booklet texts in four languages. Considering the pianist’s young age, the musical and contextual coherent impression of this recording around (the topic of) farewell and death, shows astonishing openness, maturity and Bachmann’s courage to shape Viktor Ullmann’s sonata, composed in the Theresienstadt ghetto, into an oppressive memorial between Beethoven and Schumann. The young artist develops unexpected strength in long phases, which are technically flawless and with finely differentiated nuances of touch, however, still being able to preserve her youthful honest perspective.