CD Review: Plaisanteries

Oberösterreichisches Volksblatt, April 12th 2019

Franz Schubert once thought there was no such thing as jovial music. But perhaps just interpreters who serve up deadly serious music as jovial. The twenty-five-year-old pianist Hanna Bachmann from Vorarlberg is one of them and is able to prove it impressively on her new solo album which is her second CD.

With the title „Plaisanteries“ (=jokes, fun) she spars with Mozart, Prokofiev and Beethoven and in doing so coaxes so much humour from these works, one would never have suspected. Her piano playing skills instills astonishing maturity and that is exactly what is needed with pieces of such intellectual magnitude from their creators; fresh colours, exciting phrasing, and an eruptive energy ringing out and everything with the slightest blink of an eye. Bachmann is inspired by artistic impulses from Elisabeth Leonskaja; at the outset the Russian Maestro Kirill Petrenko himself gave her a helping hand into the scene in which there are numerous pianists. 

After all Bachmann has not only placed her visiting card in the European music centres but she already had an American debut in Mexico in 2018. Her CD makes one curious as to her very promising perspectives in the future. For the time being one sits up and listens and is entertained by Mozart’s eight variations, his last piano piece ‘Ein Weib ist das herrlichste Ding’, by Prokofiev’s ironic ‘Sarcasms’ op. 17 and Beethoven’s 33 famous Diabelli Variations op. 120 which have never been so masterly arranged as well as appearing so comical.

Hanna Bachmann’s CD Presentation: Humour Cleverly Wrapped Up in Piano Music

Review by Fritz Jurmann, February 2nd 2019, Magazine ‘Kultur’. Online Edition

©Fritz Jurmann

„Do you know of any funny music? I don‘t!” Musician, choir director and composer Martin Lindenthal quoted Franz Schubert’s famous quotation when he presented pianist Hanna Bachmann’s (25) second album (Gramola label) in the Kosmos Theatre in Bregenz on Thursday night. The CD with the title ‘Plaisanteries’ (French for ‘jokes’) finds the pianist dealing with the subject of humour in the classical and the classic modern piano pieces in this catagory. Bearing this in mind the dialogue between the presenter and interpreter debated this often deliberated theme, while the pianist played especially chosen pieces live for her audience from her latest CD. Continue reading “Hanna Bachmann’s CD Presentation: Humour Cleverly Wrapped Up in Piano Music”

For Her Fans She Even Climbs into the Bath. Concert Review by Fritz Jurmann in ‘Vorarlberger Nachrichten’ (Feb 2nd)

It is refreshing how Hanna Bachmann has launched her second CD.

Hanna Bachmann received a lot of applause however, after fifty minutes and an encore the presentation was over. JU

BREGENZ She lays fully clothed in a nostalgic white enamel bath tub with small feet. That is how pianist Hanna Bachmann (25) from Röthis advertises her second CD and woos her audience for her new project ‘Plaisanteries’, which is French for ‘joke, fun’ (Gramola). Numerous fans and friends of the young pianist accepted her invitation to the launch of her CD in the Kosmos Theatre in Bregenz. Musician and composer Martin Lindenthal lead the audience skillfully through a world caught between a high level of required interpretation and hidden humour. Continue reading “For Her Fans She Even Climbs into the Bath. Concert Review by Fritz Jurmann in ‘Vorarlberger Nachrichten’ (Feb 2nd)”